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External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) is a group of independent experts, whose role is to provide advice on project progress and plans. Interaction with the EAB is coordinated by the project office. The EAB is composed of international distinguished scientists to ensure external evaluation of the project and link to other programmes and activities inside and outside Europe.

The EAB members cover a wide range of expertise that is of particular relevance for key scientific areas in OptimESM, such as Earth-system modelling, ice sheets and sea level rise, tipping points, statistical downscaling and climate services, and key activities linked to COPERNICUS, ESA, the CMIP-panel and CMIP-office.

Claire MacintoshESA
Eleanor O’RourkeCMIP-IPOC Director
Freja VamborgECMWF
Helene HewittCMIP-panel Chair
José Manuel GutiérrezIFCA-CSIC, Spain
Miren VizcainoTU Delft, Netherlands
Peter DietlevsenUniversity of Copenhagen, Denmark